H. W. Mountz Elementary School

A National Blue Ribbon Award School 2015

National Junior Honor Society Officers  

 Mrs. Karen Dettlinger - Advisor
President: Kelly Degnan
Vice President: Lydia Schengrund
 Lydia is a 8th Grader at H. W. Mountz and is excited to be Vice President of NJHS. Lydia has taken all advanced classes throughout her middle school years. She has gotten honor roll for since 5th grade. Lydia takes part in many activities at Mountz including studio, year book and softball. She is planning on going to Manasquan High School once she graduates and hopes to get into the National Honor Society. Lydia is excited to help run this program and make the best it can possibly be.  
 Secretary: Erin Hardiman 
Erin is an 8th grader and Mountz and is excited to be Secretary of NJHS. This is her second year being a part of this program. Erin has achieved high honor since 5th grade and has taken Advanced Math and ELA all throughout middle school. She has been involved in the academic bowl and the SEA Program for the past five years. Erin is also has been a part of band and chorus for the past five years, is part of studio, yearbook and dance team. Erin wants to go to Communications High School and be a part of the National Honor Society. She is excited to give her unique ideas and help run future events in the program.  
 Treasurer: Kara Geantasio

This is Kara's second year in NJHS and is thrilled to be the Treasurer. She is an 8th grader at H. W. Mountz and has maintained first honor roll for the past 9 marking periods. Kara has been a part of the SEA Program at Mountz for the past five years. She is also a part of studio, year book, has done band for two year, chorus for five years and softball for two years. Kara hopes to be in the honors classes at her high school and get into the National Honor Society. She is excited to help manage our program and help it run proficiently.   

Sofie Ressa 
Sofie is H. W. Mountz 8th grader and is in her second year of NJHS. She has received first honor roll for nine marking periods and has been involved in the SEA Program for two years. Sofie has been apart of the chorus for 5 years, has done band for 3 years, yoga for 3 years, and has most recently joined studio and yearbook. She hopes to go the Marine Academy of  Science and Technology for high school and be apart of the National Honor Society. Sofie is thrilled to offer her inventive ideas to the table. 
Liam Flaherty
Liam is an 8th grader at H.W. Mountz and he is in his second year on NJHS. He has received first honor roll every marking period since 5th grade. He has also been in the academic bowl in 5th, 6th, and 7th grade. He has also been a part of the SEA program in 7th and 8th grade. He has been in advanced math and ELA his whole time in middle school. He also played Baseball for 3 years and Soccer for 2 years, and is a part of yearbook. Liam is eager to help organize and plan the NJHS events that are coming up. 
 Cora Hunt
This is Cora's first year in NJHS. She is a 7th Grader at H. W. Mountz. She has received the first honor roll for every year that she was eligible. Cora is involved in various programs inside and out of school including the SEA program, the Academic Bowl, the art convocation and the space trip, dance and cross country. She has been in the top classes for ELA and math for both her middle school years. Cora hopes to show her creativity and contribute ideas for future events and help to plan them. 
 Brielle Karolak
Brielle is a current 7th grade student at H.W. Mountz. This is her first year as a NJHS member. She is in the Advanced Math and English classes and she has maintained first honor roll since 5th grade. In her free time, Brielle enjoys lots of dance. She is very excited about being a part of the NJHS program and she is looking forward to having the opportunity to contribute her thoughts and ideas this year to help plan exciting fundraisers throughout the year. 
Phoebe Matuch 
Phoebe is currently an H.W. Mountz 7th grade student. In her spare time she enjoys various activities such as basketball, lacrosse and dance. She has been an honor roll student since the 5th grade. Phoebe has been in Advanced Math and English for her past two years in middle school. This is Phoebe's first year as an NJHS member and she is looking forward to an exciting year. She hopes to add her ideas to help contribute to events during the year. 
 Ellery Blum 
Ellery is a currently in the seventh grade and in her first year of NJHS. She is in the Accelerated Math and English. In her free time she plays lacrosse, soccer, and basketball. She has been a high honor roll for the past few years. Ellery is very excited to partake in helping out the school and community with her various contributions to NJHS.  
Luca Scardino
Faculty Council:
Mr. DeStefano
Mrs. Henry 
  Mrs. Marcus - Feld
   Mrs. Pearce
  Mrs. Piccolella