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H. W. Mountz Elementary School

A National Blue Ribbon Award School 2015

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H.W. Mountz School

Dr. Raymond J. Boccuti

Superintendent, Principal, Chief School Administrator

October 17, 2016

Follow us on Twitter!

We are pleased to add social media to our communication resources to provide additional opportunities to access important information about our school district.  This week, we assembled and launched our Twitter pilot team and we invite you to start following us:

  • Superintendent, Dr. Boccuti - @HWMountz_Boccut

  • Technology Coordinator, Mr. Soto -   @HWMountz_Soto

  • Grade 5 Teacher, Ms. Bellafonte - @HWMountz_Bella

  • Librarian, Mrs. Krebs - @HWMountz_Krebs

  • Technology Teacher, Mrs. Pearce - @HWMountz_Pearce

You will find a link to follow me on Twitter on the upper right hand corner of the main page on our website where you may also access the Superintendent’s Blog.  You may also follow us through .  Other staff members will be joining us in the near future.

As this is a new initiative, you will find that we have set our Twitter addresses on the private setting so we will need to provide permission for you to follow us.  Therefore, if your Twitter address does not clearly identify who you are, please send us notification in advance that you will be requesting to follow us.

Follow us on Twitter and look for our initial hashtags:  #TeamMountz, #HWM2015BlueRibbon, and #HWMTechnology .

Please feel welcome to reach out to me if you have any questions.


Dr. Raymond J. Boccuti